Nursing Involvement in Hospital Design

Centered on our quest to heal the mind, body and spirit, our new Hospital includes home-like design features and represents an approach to healthcare that focuses on what matters most - our patients.

Private Inpatient Suites

An important feature of the new Hospital is the inclusion of all private inpatient suites. This is a growing trend in healthcare that we are pleased to offer to our patients. All of our inpatients will stay in private suites complete with a restroom, shower and ample space for family and friends. With amenities such as internet access, room-by-room temperature controls and room service meals, we have focused on creating a “home away from home.”

Identical Rooms

While each patient will receive individualized care, we’ve gone a step further and designed the inpatient suites around principles of standardization. They will all be oriented in the same direction as opposed to mirror images of each other. This promotes safety and efficiency by allowing caregivers to be able to walk into any room and immediately know where supplies, hookups and other key features are located.

Inpatient “Neighborhoods”

All of our inpatient suites will be grouped into 12-bed “neighborhoods,” each with its own nurses’ station and an extensively equipped supply area. In doing so, patients will be close to their caregivers and caregivers will be close to the supplies and equipment they need. It’s known as the 90/5 rule, which means 90 percent of what a caregiver needs is only 5 seconds away.

With this decentralized configuration, nurses can devote more time to patients and less time traveling the halls.

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