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Topping the 1 million mark

Project reaches major milestone as crews surpass 1 million man hours of work.

Private rooms

When the new Hospital opens, it will include all private patient rooms, which raises a few questions, most notably with insurance.

Interior work progressing on schedule

While you can see what is happening to the exterior of the building, there is a lot of work occurring inside that is not as visible.

Staying ahead of the weather

With winter quickly approaching, the focus has been on having the building enclosed before inclement weather arrives.

Transition planning

When embarking on a massive project, such as moving a hospital's operations to a new building, planning starts early.

Work continues inside the new Hospital building

While the most visible signs of progress on the new Hospital building are the masonry work and window installation, a number of activities are also occurring inside of the building.

Building on schedule to be enclosed by winter

Construction crews have been making significant progress on the masonry work that began in the spring and still anticipate having the new hospital building enclosed this winter.

A look inside the structure

As masonry work progresses, crews begin building out interior spaces.

Masonry work making its way around building

Brick work continues to progress from the west side of the building to the east.

Check out our progress

New video on our Web site shows you how far we've come in the past year.

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