Cancer Program

Scope of Services

Amazing Cancer Care, Close to Home

With comprehensive care under one roof, our approach to cancer care is now even more modern, comfortable and simplified. Some would even say amazing.


Prevention and Wellness

Prevention is powerful medicine. In fact, the American Cancer Society says more than half of all cancer deaths are preventable, simply by making healthy choices to avoid disease. At Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare, we serve as your partner in health and offer screenings and programs that help you stay well. Follow these links for valuable guidance on preventing disease or detecting it early.

Early Detection and Screenings

Breast Health Program

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our team of trained professionals is exceptionally skilled at diagnosing and treating a wide variety of cancers. They also have the latest tools and technology at their fingertips — in a modern, comfortable setting that is close to home.


Nuclear Medicine

Biopsy Techniques

Oncologic Surgery

Oncology Care Team

Those undergoing treatment will benefit from the expertise of our medical and radiation oncologists who work closely with the patient's primary care physicians and surgeons to coordinate care and develop individualized treatment plans. Physicians are supported by talented oncology certified nurses, radiation therapists, nurse navigators, social workers, dietitians, chaplains and other healthcare providers.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are used with conventional medicine (not in place of it) and are part of our holistic approach to patient wellness. We offer two popular therapies: acupuncture, where needles are inserted at certain body points to help control pain, discomfort and other symptoms, and Reiki therapy, which moves the body's energies back toward balance. Other forms of complementary therapies include aromatherapy, pet therapy and yoga.


Clinical Trials

Patients can volunteer for research through clinical trials. Although some people may think of clinical trials as a last resort, many of these studies are geared toward first-line treatment. In fact, all cancer drugs have been tested in this way.

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Health Connections Cancer Center

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