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Eric Bell, David Cairo, Linda Kilian, Mike Minow, and Emil Novack unexpectedly became cardiac patients in their ‘50s. Learn how their stories ended on a happy and healthy note.

Bell Family

Eric Bell

How Hands-OnlyTM CPR Saved My Life

While on a business trip in January, Bridgette Bell was eating dinner out when she saw a woman crumple to the floor in the dining room. A table conversation about CPR ensued ...

David Cairo's Heart Attack Story

David Cairo

My Heart Attack Story

It was May of 2012. I was doing yard work and started feeling a pain in my chest. That's happened before, and I thought it was indigestion. I would just sit down, have ...

Linda Kilain's Heart Failure Story

Linda Kilian

Turning Heart Failure Around

As women, we tend to ignore our symptoms because we are so busy or think that we can manage them at home...

David Cairo's Heart Attack Story

Mike Minow

How a Screening Saved My Life

I've since retired from the Bensenville Fire Protection District, but in 2009, I took advantage of a free heart scan offered by EMHC and Midwest Heart Specialists ...

Emil Novack's Cardiac Rehab Story

Emil Novack

My Cardiac Rehab Story

I was relaxing after a day of work at the hardware store my family owned in Villa Park for 80 years, when I felt as if someone punched me in the chest...

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