Family Birthing Center

High-Risk Pregnancy

If there are potential complications that could affect the mother or baby or both, the pregnancy is considered high risk. Our physicians and nursing staff members are trained to manage high-risk pregnancies.

Gestational Diabetes
This is a certain kind of diabetes that develops during pregnancy and requires a specific treatment plan from the physician or midwife.

Preterm Labor
When labor starts between 20 and 37 weeks of pregnancy, it’s considered preterm, or premature.

It’s a syndrome where the mother experiences high blood pressure, urinary protein and swelling, and it can be dangerous or even fatal for the mother and the baby. However, preeclampsia can also be managed with proper care.

Multiple Births
Tests in the first and second trimester can reveal if you have a twin pregnancy. If so, you will most likely experience more testing throughout your pregnancy to monitor your pregnancy.

Advanced Maternal Age
If you will be over 35 when you deliver your baby, you will be monitored more closely for age-related risk factors.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
It is possible for some women to deliver vaginally if they’ve already had a C-section. If an emergency C-section is necessary, we are fully equipped to manage your care.

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