REsidential Home Health and Hospice:Residential Home Health/Hospice Care Team

We attribute our patients’ positive outcomes and 99% satisfaction rate to the level of care Residential Home Health and Residential Hospice deliver. By investing in highly trained, full-time clinical staff and innovative clinical program offerings, we provide expert medical care, emotional comfort, spiritual support and pain management to meet the needs of each patient.

Meet your Home Health Clinical Care Team

Designed to help patients recover quickly and improve their quality of life and independence at home, Residential’s clinical care team delivers skilled care in the comfort of home.

Our clinicians are guided by your physician’s orders and manage, observe and evaluate your condition while regularly communicating your status and any updates to your physician. Residential’s commitment to clinical excellence ensures you receive care from compassionate nurses and therapists with advanced and expert skills and training.

Residential's clinical care team is on-call 24/7. The Residential Home Health care team includes:

  • Nurses

Our #1 goal is to keep patients at home and out of the hospital.  We evaluate patients’ health and environment, educate patients and caregivers on disease processes and conditions to help them become more independent, and coordinate care between doctors, hospitals, other Residential care team members, patients and their families.

  • Occupational Therapists

We believe that the best place to get better is at home.  Our patients and their caregivers learn personalized adaptations for performing their daily activities more safely and independently, including strategies for moving with strength and balance, environmental adjustments, and help with assisted devices.

  • Physical Therapists

Our patients may have Parkinson’s, joint replacement, CHF or COPD, or general weakness contributing to unsteadiness, fear, and loss of freedom in activities. We are here to help patients build strength and balance so they can become safer and more self-sufficient at home. 

  • Medical Social Workers

We assess to understand each patient’s personal goals and most pressing needs, and help patients and families cope with their health challenges in the short and long term by connecting them with community resources, educating on options, and facilitating discussion between patients and their families and caregivers.

  • Speech Therapists (Speech Language Pathologists)

We assist patients with motor speech disorders, swallowing difficulty, loss of language ability, and cognitive and memory conditions. Our services include intervention of disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, ALS, head injury, dementia, COPD or CHF.

Meet your Hospice Care Team

At Residential Hospice, our goal is to keep patients safe in the comfort of their homes, wherever home may be.  This could be a private residence, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing home, etc. On rare occasion when a patient’s pain or symptoms qualify him or her for inpatient care, we can even see the patient in a hospital setting.

Residential Hospice offers patients and their families individualized care plans, developed with their physicians and carried out in familiar surroundings with compassion, dignity and support.  We are committed to helping our patients and their families live every day to the fullest.

The Residential Hospice Care Team, highly experienced and dedicated to caring for patients and their families, includes:

  • Hospice Nurses

We serve as case managers and advocates for patients, developing individualized care plans in conjunction with each patient’s physician. Our job is to monitor vital signs, manage medications, particularly for pain, and generally take care of the needs of each patient with compassion, dignity and support.

  • On-Staff Physicians

We oversee clinical aspects of hospice and palliative care, provide home visits to patients and skilled consultation to hospice staff, and actively participate in the interdisciplinary team approach.  Residential Hospice’s Medical Directors are board-certified in hospice and palliative care.

  • Medical Social Workers

We assess the emotional state of patients and families and ensure that they receive the services and support needed.  We are committed to supporting patients’ wishes and addressing their concerns, whether they are financial, emotional or ethical.

  • Spiritual Counselors

We support patients and families while identifying pre- and post-grief needs.  We are responsible for providing caring, non-denominational spiritual assistance to patients and their families.  This can be done either directly or in coordination with other spiritual advisors in the community, including patients’ clergy.

  • Hospice Aides

We are trained to provide personal care to patients in their home environment. This care is based on individual patient needs and typically includes assistance with bathing and grooming, oral care, transferring and walking, and range of motion exercises. We may educate family and other caregivers so families will feel comfortable providing day to day care for their loved one between our visits.

  • Music, Massage & Aroma Therapists

We treat and soothe patients’ minds, bodies and spirits to foster serenity and a sense of well being.  Our therapies also promote relaxation, help relieve mental stress and anxiety, and in the case of massage therapy, satisfy the need for caring, nurturing touch.

  • Volunteers

We play an important role at Residential Hospice, providing a wide range of support services that make a world of difference for patients and caregivers including companionship, respite care and support, bereavement support, administrative assistance, and participation in quilting projects and other creative expression to support patients and their families.

  • Hospice and Palliative Care Pharmacists

We assess the appropriateness of medication orders and ensure timely provision of medications for symptom control, counsel and educate the hospice team about medication therapy, and help ensure that patients and caregivers understand and follow the directions provided with their medications.

  • Dedicated After-Hours Team

On call and ready, we are available 24/7 to respond to patients’ individual needs.  Nurses and aides are also available to serve patients and families on the weekends.

  • Bereavement Coordinators

Grief in anticipation or following the death of a loved one is a normal, healthy and necessary process.  We offer comprehensive bereavement support to families and friends through individual and group grief counseling, an annual memorial service, regular mailings with information about grief and recommendations for community resources, and referrals for professional counseling.

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