Animal Assisted Therapy Program

You and your best friend can bring a smile to patients during their stay at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. We welcome your application for participation in our Animal Assisted Therapy Program if you are at least 18 years of age, and if your dog meets the following criteria:

  • Your dog sits and lays down with only one command
  • Your dog stays until you call him or her with only one command
  • He or she walks loosely on a leash and doesn't pull, even when excited
  • Your dog is friendly with other dogs
  • Your dog will perform commands without treats as a reward

We have other requirements, too, that will help you, your pet and our patients enjoy the Animal Assisted Therapy experience.

Your dog should:

  • Enjoy people
  • Not bark or whine
  • Be at least a year old
  • Be up-to-date on all vaccinations, including rabies
  • Not have any skin problems

We also ask that you do not use prong collars, gentle leaders or retractable leashes, and that you and your dog have completed a group obedience training class within the past six months.

Interested in donating to our Animal Assisted Therapy Program? Click here. Be sure to note in the comment field that your donation is for the Animal Assisted Therapy Program.

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If you have additional questions or need a referral to a good obedience trainer to brush up on skills, please call 331-221-0196.

Exclusivity Agreement
Upon passing the training and certification course, all graduates will be contracted exclusively to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. This means that you may not offer animal assisted therapy services at any other hospital, medical facility, or treatment center. For the safety of our patients at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, offering animal assisted therapy services to nursing or retirement homes is prohibited. However, those who complete our program are more than welcome to do presentations with their pet at non-healthcare related venues, such as schools, libraries, etc.

I understand the time and financial commitment involved with becoming an Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Certified dog/handler. I have read the exclusivity agreement and understand that my services are exclusive to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital and no other healthcare related venues. I understand that my dog must meet all veterinarian requirements outlined in the pet requirements.

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