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Remember Elmhurst Memorial’s Immediate Care for summer illnesses, injuries

(Elmhurst, IL – June 5, 2014) – Now that summer has unofficially arrived following the recent Memorial Day Holiday weekend, Emergency Departments and Immediate Care Centers are gearing up for their busy season. 

Unfortunately, summer activities are sure to result in injuries and illnesses for young and old, men and women, boys and girls, the athletic and not so athletic.  And, they’ll happen on weekdays, weekends and holidays.  So, the question becomes – where do you go for what, the Emergency Department (ER) or Immediate Care?

Immediate Care Centers are for minor injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening, such as:

--Cuts that may need stitches

--Minor burns, abrasions

--Broken bones, sprains, strains

--High fevers, sore throats, earaches

--Allergies, minor skin rashes

--Minor back, joint or muscle pain

--Work-related illnesses, injuries

Elmhurst Memorial has Immediate Care Centers located at the Elmhurst Memorial Health Centers in Addison, 303 W. Lake St. and Lombard, 130 S. Main St.  Both locations are open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., and weekends and holidays, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

“Immediate Care is convenient and close to home for our patients and families who live in Addison, Lombard and the surrounding areas,” says Karl Vos, MD, Medical Director, Emergency Department and Immediate Care, Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare.  “They don’t need an appointment, they’re treated by physicians who are board certified in emergency medicine and, in most cases, are headed home in less than an hour.”

In addition, the primary care physicians of the Elmhurst Clinic and Elmhurst Memorial Primary Care Associates are located in the same buildings and able to provide integrated, follow-up care.  For more information about Elmhurst Memorial’s Immediate Care Centers, visit

For life-threatening conditions, patients should call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest Emergency Department:

--Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing

--Chest or upper abdominal pain or pressure

--Fainting, sudden dizziness, weakness

--Changes in vision

--Confusion or changes in mental status

--Injuries or trauma related to falls or vehicle accidents

--Any sudden or severe pain

--Uncontrolled bleeding

--Severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea

--Coughing or vomiting blood

--Suicidal feelings

--Difficulty speaking

--Unusual abdominal pain

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department is located on the hospital’s campus, 155 E. Brush Hill Rd. in Elmhurst.  Elmhurst Memorial’s emergency medicine physicians are board certified specialists in advanced cardiac life support, trauma care and the management of life-threatening situations.  For more information, visit

Patients and families are encouraged to check with their insurance company well before an urgent situation arises to be familiar with their plan's coverage for both emergency and immediate care situations.

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