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Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Earning Buzz as Most Amazing ER in the World

The only predictable thing about life is its unpredictably and, unfortunately, accidents and illnesses can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, nearly 20 percent of us will visit an emergency room this year, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel far to experience amazing emergency care.

 With patient satisfaction scores at the 98th percentile, spacious individual treatment rooms, and a team of board-certified emergency medicine physicians and nurses who are specially trained in cardiac life support, there is no question why Elmhurst Memorial Hospital(EMH) in Elmhurst, Ill. has the most amazing emergency room in the world.


As one of only two Planetreedesignated hospitals in the state of Illinois, the ER at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital was designed from the ground up with the patient in mind. Before they arrive, patients can check the wait time at the ER either online or by texting “EMHTime” to 69302. Thanks to the efficiency of its amazing staff, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital has some of the lowest ER wait times in the area.

 Gone are the traditional curtain-separated bays found at other hospitals. At the most amazing ER in the world, every patient gets a fully private roomwith real walls, doors, flat screen televisions and separate entrances for visitors and staff. Public bathrooms can be laden with germs, which is why the most amazing ER in the world has private en-suite washrooms that makes you feel more like you are in a hotel than an emergency room.

 For added comfort and convenience, the most amazing ER in the world features a full-service Starbucks and Walgreens on-site that saves patients time by enabling them to pick-up a cup of coffee or any prescription medication before they leave without having to make an extra stop on the way home.

 However, the most amazing ER in the world is more than just an eye-catching, luxury space. Elmhurst Memorial Hospital has 27 highly respected, board-certified emergency medicine physiciansand a large team of nurses, technicians and staff whose goal is to quickly, compassionately, and effectively treat all types of emergencies.

 “Our door-to-balloon time (the time between patient arrival at a hospital and the start of artery-opening treatment) is 60 minutes, well below the national benchmark of 90 minutes,” said Dr. Karl Vos, emergency medicine physician and vice president of the medical staff at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. “We understand that visiting the emergency room is a stressful time for patients who are in a medical crisis. Our role is to ensure that your needs are heard and that you receive the highest level of care as quickly as possible. I believe it’s the quality of the care we provide that makes our emergency room truly amazing.”

 In addition to its staff, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital has long-lasting relationships with area paramedics and other first responders. Every month EMH honors emergency medical service professionals who do amazing work each day in saving the lives of members of our community. These EMS professionals were essential in the design of the most amazing ER in the world and helped EMH build a large, heated ambulance bay that not only can accommodate six ambulances but also allows patients to be transferred into the emergency department without being exposed to the elements outside.

 Nobody ever wants to take a trip to the emergency room, but everyone can choose where they go for emergency care. Take control of your health and visit the most amazing ER in the world today at


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Founded in 1926, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital today is Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare, a comprehensive health system with multiple locations and services designed to enhance the health of the communities and customers we serve. In June 2011, Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare opened a new, state-of-the-art acute care hospital. With 259 private patient rooms, a modern emergency department and technologically advanced surgical suites, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital incorporates the latest trends in healthcare facility design and is home to some of the area’s most advanced technology. For more information about Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare, please call CareMatch, our physician referral line, at (331) 221-2273, or visit our website at

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