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From learning about fatigue-fighting exercises to the popular Look Good, Feel Better program, we offer an array of social and educational programs to support you.

Wellness House

We offer ongoing programs that help you cope with a cancer diagnosis and live life to its fullest. Watch for classes and events in every Health Connections newsletter or sign up for our classes and events newsletter

Wellness HouseYou can also visit Wellness House for upcoming classes, workshops and events. Whether you want to connect socially with others or gain knowledge about living with cancer, Wellness House offers several programs for you and your family members.

Additionally, take advantage of programs like this:

Breast Cancer Education, Exercise and Wellness Date

Date/Time: The second Tuesday of every month from 1–2 pm;
the fourth Thursday every month from 6:30–7:30 pm
Location: Elmhurst Hospital Conference Center,
Evergreen Room,155 E. Brush Hill Road, Elmhurst
Price: Free

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital is committed to assisting you with the continuum of care, including keeping you informed before, during and after your treatment of breast cancer.

Our lymphedema certified physical therapy team will facilitate an informative biweekly educational and wellness class for patients diagnosed with cancer and their families. Learn about techniques to improve your quality of life throughout your treatment regime.

Topics covered include:

  • What to expect after breast surgery
  • Exercises to improve range of motion after surgery
  • Prevention, signs and symptoms of lymphedema
  • Therapy treatments available to help quality of life

Feel free to bring a friend.

Look Good, Feel Better

Date/Time: 6–8 pm, Mondays, June 2 or Aug. 4 and 1–3 pm, Mondays, July 7 or Sept. 8
Location: Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Center for Cancer Care,
Conference Room, 177 E. Brush Hill Road, Elmhurst
Price: Free

Learn beauty techniques to conceal the appearance-related side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.


Date/Time: 6–8 pm, Fridays, June 13 and Aug. 8 and 1–3 pm, Fridays, July 11 and Sept. 12
Location: Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Center for Cancer Care,
Conference Center, 155 E. Brush Hill Road, Elmhurst
Price: Free

A new way to perform breast self-exam, taught by a certified instructor who will help you detect a lump or potential abnormality earlier than you thought possible.

Freedom From Smoking®

Date/Time: 6:30 pm–8 pm — Sept. 10, 7 weeks
Location: Edward Hospital
801 S. Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540
Price: Free

A 7-week session starts Wednesday, September 10, 2014, with an extra session on Monday, September 29 (Quit Night). Taught by American Lung Association-trained instructors, this program provides a supportive and structured approach to quitting smoking with the ultimate goal of helping individuals overcome their addiction and enjoy better health. Class size is limited. The $60.00 fee includes all course materials.

Call 331-221-2273 to register today.

Freedom From Smoking — FREE Information session

Date/Time: 6:30 pm–8 pm — Sept. 3
Location: Edward Hospital
801 S. Washington Street, Naperville, IL 60540
Price: Free

Learn about the support programs available for helping you quit smoking, including information about the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking class. This is a FREE information session.

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