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Lung Cancer Screening at the Elmhurst Center for Cancer Care

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Nearly 90 percent of people who develop the disease die from it, because it’s often not found until advanced stages.

The Elmhurst Center for Cancer Care provides low-dose CT lung screening (LDCT) for at risk patients. This lung screening, designed to assist in early detection, can save lives of people at high risk for developing lung cancer.

Who should have LDCT Lung Screen?

The US Preventive Service Task Force recommends annual screening for those identified as high-risk:

  • Men and women age 55-80,
  • Are currently a smoker or have quit with the past 15 years,
  • Have smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day for 30+ years.

How effective is LDCT Lung Screening at preventing death from lung cancer?

Studies have shown that LDCT lung screening can lower the risk of death from lung cancer by 20 percent in people who are at high risk.

What is the goal of LDCT Lung Screening?

The goal is to determine if nodules or masses are present in patients who may not have symptoms but may be at risk for the disease. Smoking is the biggest risk factor for lung cancer. The risk of developing lung cancer increases with the amount and the length of time a person smokes.

How is the exam performed?

Lung screenings are quick, easy and result in minimal exposure to radiation. A patient simply lies on the screening table, which slides under a large open cylinder. It is a quick procedure — about 15 minutes including prep time. A patient can eat before and after the exam. Also, it is important to know that holding your breath for a few seconds will be required.

What happens after my CT Screening Exam?

Once your scan is completed, your Primary Care Physician will be notified or your results to determine the best treatment plan for you. You will receive a letter within two weeks of the exam with your results and required follow-up.

In the event of a suspicious finding, your Primary Care Provider may refer you to our Multidisciplinary Thoracic Clinic. The benefit of this clinic is that findings will be reviewed by a team of specialists who will develop an individualized plan of care. This process provides multiple opinions in one setting, leading to a high quality plan of care delivered in an efficient manner.

In addition, our Lung Nurse Navigator will coordinate any appointments and tests or procedures, as well as, address any of your questions or concerns.

How do I schedule this screening?

If you feel you may be eligible for this screening, please contact our Lung Nurse Navigator at (331) 221-2172. If eligible, she will guide you through getting an order from your physician.

The LDCT Lung Screening is not covered by insurance. The cost for the screening is $99. Payment is requested at the time of scheduling.

Where Can I find help to stop smoking?

The best way to prevent lung cancer is to never smoke or stop smoking now. People who quit smoking greatly reduce their risk of developing and dying from lung cancer. This risk continues to go down over time. Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare is fortunate to have a few options to help you stop smoking. If you are interested in hearing more about our programs, contact the Lung Nurse Navigator at (331) 221-2172.


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