Occupational Health:Respiratory Examinations

Whether for emergency personnel as first responders or employees in industrial chemical refineries, if your employees are required to wear protective masks or respiratory equipment, we can make sure that it meets OSHA requirements.

Advanced Respiratory Equipment Screening

We know the regulatory standards and understand that upholding required respiratory equipment guidelines is important to protecting the health and safety of your employees. We are one of the few occupational health programs to offer the precision of the PortaCount respiratory equipment screening device, the most advanced system available to assess the effectiveness of your employees’ protective respiratory masks.

The PortaCount:

  • Provides a precise, quantitative measurement of ambient air quality inside a mask
  • Assess the effectiveness of ANY respiratory protection mask and is especially useful for first responders who wear FM12 masks issued by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Works by taking dual measurements. One sampling is inserted into the mask to measure the air quality inside the mask, and another measures the air outside, allowing comparison of the two measurements
  • Provides maximum protection for employees using respiratory protection masks
  • Is more accurate than the saccharin test


Respiratory Fit Testing

We also administer fit tests, either on-site or in our facilities, for all protective masks in accordance to OSHA-required testing that assesses mask effectiveness while performing these activities:

  • Deep breathing
  • Head movement up/down
  • Head movement side/side
  • Bending
  • Talking

If your personnel are first responders who use the Department of Homeland Security FM12 masks, we can qualify them to wear the mask with these OSHA-mandated requirements:

  • A questionnaire to screen for medical symptoms, illnesses and lifestyle risk factors to help determine if candidates for the FM12 masks require additional medical evaluation prior to using the mask. Click here to download and complete the questionnaire.
  • A complete physical to determine if the individual is physically able to wear the mask. This test screens cardiac fitness, respiratory function, vision, hearing and musculoskeletal function.
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